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What Customers are Saying About

“It’s been amazing. I’ve got some fantastic leads from new growers in the burgeoning New Jersey market.”
Anthony Awerbach – Grow Light Central
“We’ve met a lot of interesting people at the show today. A lot of cultivators, a lot of manufacturers, machine operators, we’ve worked together with them to partner up and compliment their lines of business.”
Bill Thanel – Safely Lock

“We’ve been following this show since it started. This is our fourth year with the company and we always have good success at each show.”
Barry Davis – GrowRay Technologies
“We love this show, we’ve met a lot of great new cultivators and dispensaries who are attending. Some of them are getting going right away and we’re here to help make it happen.”
Hans Dietrich – Outlaw Technology

“This is one of the best conferences out there for Cannabis, to network with local vendors.”
ZenCo Payments

Thank you for another amazing show. I really enjoyed this show and felt it was really valuable. 

Thanks for all of your hard work. 

See you soon in Chitown!

Jenny Germano, President/Founder – ICS Consulting Services

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