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Why You Should Establish & Effectively Run a 401(k) Plan

Session Abstract

In today’s competitive marketplace, many companies are looking for additional methods to attract, recruit and retain the right employees. One of the most effective benefits that can help you accomplish these goals is a 401(k)-retirement plan.

As an employer, your employees look to you for direction and guidance – especially when it comes to saving for the future.

In fact, 1 out of 2 Americans lack retirement confidence, with 52% of workers stating they are not confident they will have enough saved to live comfortably. It’s important for employers to set a strong example by building benefit plans that will help employees reach their savings goals.

During this presentation, we’ll review how to establish and maintain a successful 401(k) plan. We will also introduce a Financial Wellness program designed for your employees. We will then conclude with a discussion on the latest updates to the New Jersey Secure Choice Savings Program, which will affect all employers that have 25 or more employees in New Jersey.

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