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Water Distribution Throughout Your Grow

Session Abstract

Ideal grow conditions require proper water distribution throughout your facility. Optimal water distribution is accomplished with a balanced pump placed in the correct location. In this session, Mark Fine (LEED® AP), hydronic system expert from the R.L. Deppmann Company will share best practices to properly pump water in your growing facility. Participants will walk away with the knowledge to achieve the proper flow and balanced system, ensuring that the correct amount of water reaches your plants to maximize your grow and operate efficiently.

Topics Will Include:

  • Flow and Maintenance of Pumps: How do you maintain your pumps? Too much or too little flow can wreak
    havoc on your investment.
  • Reading a Pump Curve: Understanding how to read a pump curve allows you to diagnose any potential
    pump issues.
  • How to Balance Your Pump Correctly
  • Maintaining Proper Velocity of Flow to Keep Energy Costs Low
  • Understanding of Where to Place Equipment within Water Systems
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