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Skin in the Game: The Veteran Voice in the Cannabis Revolution

Session Abstract

The U.S. cannabis movement has long been driven by activists who are veterans having served their country in uniform, both domestically and on foreign shores. Military service often comes at a price, sometimes leaving those who have served with particularly difficult conditions of PTSD, chronic pain, and other issues stemming from environmental hazards such as burn pits. This presentation and panel discussion will highlight veteran activists over the history of the United States and highlight the movement that continues to gain momentum. More and more veterans are raising their voices in unison demanding further access to and acceptance of medical cannabis in the midst of the veteran and active-duty ranks. Join us to meet the veterans leading the charge, and learn what you can do to help veterans as they work to break the back of prohibition and lead the way into a revolution in medical affairs. Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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