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Industry Essentials for Finished Product Processing & Development

Session Abstract

The cannabis & hemp industries are changing. As legalization expands & the preferences of medicinal & recreational consumers evolve, it is essential that processors not only understand what products the market demands & what tools are necessary to produce them; they must also invest in technologies that will accomplish those goals efficiently, cost-effectively & with rock-solid support to ensure the longevity of the equipment necessary to produce finished products, & thus the longevity of their business & brand. Maxwell, representing Across International’s award-winning Product Development & R&D, will delve into the latest & greatest technologies for making pure, potent products, free of contaminants, potential carcinogens & waste-weight that differentiate cup-winning extracts & infused products from the bottom-shelf, budget brands. Discussion points include water-soluble, highly bio-available nano-emulsions that help formulate products so consumers get more for their milligrams, solvent removal & recovery, simple & fractional distillation, winterization, decarboxylation, pesticide remediation & CBD isolation; everything needed to ensure your laboratory is making the most of your material, & producing the best your biomass has to offer because your patients & clients deserve nothing less! Ensure your extraction lab has everything it needs to beat out the competition & withstand the shocks constantly felt throughout the cannabis & hemp industry, so your brand & business are successful for many years to come. Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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