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Good Manufacturing Practices, Certifications, and Tales from the Trenches: How to manage Quality and Compliance

Session Abstract

Current Good Manufacturing Practices or cGMP’s are critical to any business in the Marijuana and Hemp Industries. Along with other quality programs like Good Agricultural Practices(GAcP’s) and ISO 9001 it’s important to understand what the differences are, how they can help, and how to get started implementing a Quality System.

Brett McMillen is the Cannabis and Hemp Division Manager for the Perry Johnson Companies and has been in numerous grows, manufacturing facilities, and processing centers. He has worked with State regulators and private programs Nationally to develop procedures and requirements for the Marijuana industry.

The Perry Johnson Companies, based in Michigan, have led the way in the State of MI and Nationally for these types of certifications and there are some crazy stories to hear from what he has seen along the way.
This presentation will explore what is happening Nationally, review what is happening in the State of Michigan, and share some interesting and anecdotal stories from Snoop Dog to THC infused Lobster. You won’t want to miss this discussion.

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