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Formulation Technologies for Product Innovation and Expanded Applications of Cannabinoids

Session Abstract

New, innovative products and applications provide a major driver of growth of the cannabis industry. The range of new products and applications spans pharmaceuticals, food and dietary supplements, topical and personal care, and veterinary and pet food. Formulation technologies provide a powerful tool in product innovation and expanded applications of cannabinoids especially purified and highly concentrated extracts including cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These technologies address major challenges in their effective utilization which include poor solubility in water, low absorption, significant first-pass metabolism resulting in low bioavailability, stability, and taste characteristics. In addition, formulation is essential for meeting the safety, efficacy, and regulatory standards of the major product formats (liquids, solids, capsules, creams, sprays, and others) and routes of administration (oral, topical, inhalation and other parenteral). The presentation will focus on emerging formulation technologies, based on science and proven record of safety and efficacy supported by conclusive clinical evidence, and will include examples of cannabinoid products and applications.


The presentation will focus on formulation technologies and agents which address the challenges associated with expanded applications of cannabinoids.

  • Solubility in water
  • Increased absorption and bioavailability
  • Product stability
  • Taste, odor, and other characteristics
  • Safety and regulatory requirements
  • Product format
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