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Critical Cleaning – The Key to Quality & Safety

Session Abstract

Critically clean processing equipment, whether it be labware, glassware, instrumentation, or processing and extraction equipment, is vital. The potency, purity, and quality, essential characteristics of any drug, rely on critically clean surfaces. Cannabis is no different, and in fact, likely more difficult than traditional drug manufacturing. Waxy, resin, oily, and sticky residues abound which can be highly adherent, difficult to emulsify, and just a plain challenge to remove. Strong solvents and harsh chemicals might be a quick answer, for sure. But the wise answer, the innovative answer, are detergents that are not only effective, but end-user safe, aqueous, free-rinsing, interfering residue-free, biodegradable, and without any added dyes, fragrances, brighteners, or softeners. In other words, maintaining the whole reason why cannabis and its “natural” state is sought after.

Critical cleaning is defined as when the level of cleaning directly impacts the value of the final product. The cannabis and related industries certainly apply, and mastery of both the right detergents, for the right applications, right procedures, and right guidance documentation, ensures the end product is at its highest efficacy possible. Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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