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Cannabis License Opportunities in Ohio and the Midwest

Session Abstract

What licenses are expected to be available in Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan in 2022 and how can you get one? What other markets should you consider if you do not qualify for the next round of licenses in Illinois.

Update on House Bill 1443. HB 1443 will create two new marijuana dispensary lotteries offering 55 dispensary licenses each. Under the new provision, the first new batch of 55 licenses will be offered through a “Qualifying Applicant Lottery” which would only be open to applicants who scored 85 percent or higher on submissions for the first 75 licenses. A second new batch of 55 licenses would be offered through a “Social Equity Justice Involved Lottery.” Those eligible must have scored 85 percent or higher on their submission and must also qualify as a social equity applicant. Another lottery of five licenses for medical cannabis dispensaries would also be open to applicants who were eligible for the social equity or qualifying lotteries.

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