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Cannabis Growth Market for CHP/Cogen

Session Abstract

Cannabis grow houses have a large demand for energy. The required infrastructure (lighting, HVAC, dehumidification, drying) is energy intensive, and energy costs often exceed 25% of total OPEX. CHP (combined heat and power) can provide growers with a wide range of benefits including energy cost reduction, scalable solution to accommodate facility expansion, back-up power & resilience. Another important factor is the ability of utilities to provide new facilities with required electrical supply. Similar to the data center boom 15-20 years ago, many developers saw lengthy delays in getting utility power (18-24 months or more). CHP can provide short-term rental solutions to help a new facility get on-line. Long term, CHP is a time proven method for slashing energy costs while also providing essential back-up power in the event of grid outage.

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