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Cannabis & Content Marketing – How Cannabis Brands Can Optimize Their Digital Marketing Strategies For Maximum Growth

Session Abstract

At the heart of any business is a core identity. And at the heart of any successful business is a well-planned marketing strategy that highlights and communicates this core identity for consumers to see and enjoy. With the cannabis industry growing at a rapid rate, more and more cannabis products and services are appearing on the scene – and they’re starting to look the same. You’ll see the same green, cannabis leaf imagery that makes these products easy to recognize as cannabis-related, but at the same time, the individual identity of each brand becomes indistinguishable. You know these products function to accomplish the same things, but do you know what makes each brand special or unique?

Crafting a distinct identity around your cannabis products is important. Marketing this distinct identity is crucial. The customer journey begins and ends with content. No matter what kind of brand or business you have, you will always need a story to tell. The power of storytelling is especially evident when it comes to marketing cannabis, which has a very enthusiastic consumer market.

In this session, we will show you strategies for how to use content marketing to tell your brand’s story effectively to a highly targeted audience. Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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