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2022 (Fall)

Session Abstract Adult use is here, and It’s important more than ever to ensure there is a strong foundation for compliance in place, as newly awarded licensed operators enter the New Jersey adult-use cannabis market. Whether you have been granted a license, or are an existing operator or just thinking...
Session Abstract Sherwin-Williams understands the unique challenges of the Indoor Planting, Growing and Processing market and can provide you with a wide range of innovative coatings solutions for long-term asset protection, preventing safety and contamination concerns, as well as the opportunity to reduce long-term maintenance costs.
The seminar will dive into the HOW as well as the WHY of under-canopy lighting in the cannabis industry along with real world examples and independent white papers and case studies.
As the keynote speaker, prepared with the first-time applicant and investor in mind, Lou will outline the steps to be taken for a successful application.
Block45 Legal will discuss the personalities traits to look for in a partner, and how their potential ownership can affect the established structure of power within a business. Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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