2022 (Fall)

Session Abstract An open discussion about international Cannabis market challenges and key take aways that can help US markets better prepare and forecast. Overview of the International Cannabis Business Conference European Market and Timeline Updates on the Asian Market Updates on South American Market
Introduction to pressure-sensitive labeling.
Quick introduction to Parke Bank and their Cannabis-related products/services.
Session Abstract Coming Soon.
While an attorney with experience representing cannabusiness clients should be consulted in order to drill down on the specifics of any particular deal, this session will help to address some of the main issues tenants should keep in mind before signing any lease for a cannabis use, such as approvals contingencies, specialty alterations, security, insurance, and financing.
John Hammond will present AirGreen’s innovative liquid desiccant dehumidification technologies already deployed within various indoor agriculture applications and Charles Miller will present the benefits of utilizing state-of-the-art CHP systems for these same applications.