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Puerto Rico

In this session we will discuss the most important aspect of Regulation 9038 and Act 42-2017 and the legal boundaries of our local industry.
The task of creating an operational cannabis business can be an extremely complicated, and overwhelming process. You need a plan, and a team. That’s where we can help.
Session Abstract In these ever evolving times, join and learn about the key facets and most effective implementations of B2B online marketing. What are the five most important factors of a good Website? How does Google rank search results? What role does Social Media play in a B2B web presence...
Session Abstract Sherwin-Williams understands the unique challenges of the Indoor Planting, Growing and Processing market and can provide you with a wide range of innovative coatings solutions for long-term asset protection, preventing safety and contamination concerns, as well as the opportunity to reduce long-term maintenance costs.
Critically clean processing equipment, whether it be labware, glassware, instrumentation, or processing and extraction equipment, is vital. Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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