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Session Abstract Dr. Yerokhin is the Medical Laboratory Director at Abraxas Labs, a Nationally Accredited and State Certified Testing Laboratory. He brings over 14 years of laboratory expertise, including developing analytical techniques, overseeing laboratory design, method validation and technique implementation in the laboratory setting. He works alongside today’s brightest and...
Session Abstract Brandon brings 21 years of expertise in operational excellence to the BPO industry. Brandon is currently responsible for identifying, developing, implementing and evaluating sales strategy for new and existing clients. This is for all opportunities in the USA and Mexico. Brandon also oversees the Telvista@Home platform. Telvista Logo
Session Abstract Those who thrive will be focused on continuous improvement in operational efficiency. Lean thinking will provide the appropriate tools and system for driving efficiency and productivity improvements in your cultivation or processing operations. Our case study will provide glimpse into what lean thinking can do for your operation...
Session Abstract Despite the fact that cannabis plants can withstand extraordinary climate, they regularly create development issues and other variations from the norm. It is outlandish to dodge an awful climate totally, but it is still astute to know what you'll be able to avoid and how to do it....
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Session Abstract The moment State Question 788 passed, Oklahoma entrepreneurial business owners were introduced to a brand new industry… tons of upside opportunity, but attached with complex tax and reporting ramifications. Virtually overnight, certain IRS Tax Code sections took on additional prominence and importance to Oklahoma cannabis business owners. It... Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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