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Insights on how to avoid overspending when setting up your grow as well as tips on how to gain from incentive programs that you may not currently be taking advantage of.
Outlaw Technology is the leader in RFID based data automation systems with over 40+ years of RF experience and hundreds of systems deployed in cannabis.
This audience-inclusive discussion is meant to provide a forum for US military who are deeply focused on the cannabis industry and its potential to treat the wounds of war, both visible and invisible.
Humidity levels, reduced or zero outside air, cleaning methods and the generation of CO2 create challenges for HVAC designs, cannabis growers and employees. Navigating these challenges is important to ensure worker safety, thriving profitable crops and happy neighbors.
A connected cannabis platform supports a variety of separate software solutions that are tied together by a data repository allowing for real time reports and dashboards that can be viewed or shared across the organization.
What licenses are expected to be available in Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan in 2022 and how can you get one? Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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