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This presentation will focus on the evolving conflicts of interest in the marketplace between state licensed marijuana companies and hemp producers and hemp product manufacturers.
Join Jenny Germano, the Founder of ICS Consulting as she shares 13+ years of Regulated Cannabis Operations experiences, best practices and tips on how to create a strong foundation for compliance.
With the re-legalization of cannabis, how can states and communities best re-legalize cannabis while addressing many of the issues created by prohibition?
What licenses are expected to be available in Illinois, Ohio and Michigan in 2022 and how can you get one? What other markets should you consider if you do not qualify for the next round of licenses in Illinois.
This audience-inclusive discussion is meant to provide a forum for US military who are deeply focused on the cannabis industry and its potential to treat the wounds of war, both visible and invisible.
This session will explore how brands of all sizes can leverage new flexible packaging technologies to demonstrate transparency, drive consumer engagement, meet regulatory requirements, fight counterfeiting, and help consumers make informed recycling/repurposing decisions. Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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