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By listening to this session, cannabusiness owners will understand the different skills involved in their company’s accounting functions.
Session Abstract Sherwin-Williams understands the unique challenges of the Indoor Planting, Growing and Processing market and can provide you with a wide range of innovative coatings solutions for long-term asset protection, preventing safety and contamination concerns, as well as the opportunity to reduce long-term maintenance costs.
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Session Abstract Application Process for Illinois (state of affairs): Infuser License (has potential option for processor license that would permit extraction – State has not granted that option yet for Infuser Licenses)Cultivation Licenses (early approval was limited to preexisting medical cultivation centers)Craft Grower LicensesDispensary LicensesInjunction status preventing licenses from being...
In this session we will exam the critical points that connect powerful employee onboarding experiences to being the place where the best talent wants to work and grow.
This presentation will give an overview of new Security Technology including the exciting new Fog Technology and how this type of new Technology can provide an extra layer of security for the Cannabis Industry. Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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