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Learn about where your energy goes, the importance of energy efficiency, and how you can receive cash incentives in 2023 to become more energy efficient.
Session Abstract The three most common floating platform concepts in the offshore wind industry are spar-buoy, tension-leg platform, and semi-submersible. Although there are additional concepts in the design and development phase, most designs are variations of these three concepts. Developers should consider the pros and cons of these platforms before...
Session Abstract In these ever evolving times, join and learn about the key facets and most effective implementations of B2B online marketing. What are the five most important factors of a good Website? How does Google rank search results? What role does Social Media play in a B2B web presence...
Session Abstract Brief introductionRisk management program outlineStandard contracts and endorsementsCoverage for single and multi-state operatorsLightingOutdoor/indoor operationsMachinery, equipment, property, and property in transitRating: How your policy premiums are determined and what to look out forExamples of relevance with closing remarksQ & A Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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