Clement will be speaking on the unique legal issues associated with intellectual property within the cannabis industry.
What if there is a better way to establish diversity in the industry and increase your company's public perception while increasing revenue and market share?
Established work arounds have merchants paying upwards of 7-12%+ in fees per transaction. RocketFuel's payment solution allows shoppers to pay with Bitcoin and +120 cryptocurrencies while merchants receive dollars.
There are many ways to make a cannabis business sustainable. Working toward cleaner energy, reduced waste, and more efficient water use is critical, the right thing to do, and makes good business sense.
Session Abstract In these ever evolving times, join and learn about the key facets and most effective implementations of B2B online marketing. What are the five most important factors of a good Website? How does Google rank search results? What role does Social Media play in a B2B web presence...
Session Abstract How to manage and protect customer’s sensitive data in the cloud environment.