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Senator Sylvia Santana

Senator Sylvia Santana

Senator Sylvia Santana

Michigan Legislature, Senator

Professional Summary

Sen. Sylvia Santana is a dedicated wife, mother, and public servant.

Before joining the state Senate, she served one term in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Santana has extensive professional experience working in the financial industry — more than 15 years. It is her passion to ensure small-business owners are equipped with the right tools to grow and create jobs. She worked to identify credit facilities and other sources of funding available to small businesses in efforts to achieve economic empowerment for local communities. She was a trusted resource to local business owners guiding them through the lending process and vetting of financial options to fund their business ideas.

Santana has been an active member of her community for more than a decade. She created and led the neighborhood block club. Additionally, she filled the role of finance director and, later, as president of the Warrendale Community Organization.

The senator has been a steadfast champion of policies that keep communities safe, provide children with good education to compete globally, and grow local businesses supporting the community.

Senator Santana currently serves as a member of the Appropriations Committee; where she is the Minority Vice-Chair of the Department of Health and Human Services Subcommittee and the Minority Vice-Chair of the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and Department of Insurance and Financial Services Subcommittee. She also is a member of the Health Policy and Human Services Committee. Senator Santana has also been selected to sit on numerous task forces and workgroups; including the Joint Task Force on Jail and Pre-Trial Incarceration and the House CARES Task Force on mental health.

Santana majored in finance at Eastern Michigan University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business. She and her husband, Harvey, reside in the Warrendale neighborhood of Detroit Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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