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Alex Hearding

Alex Hearding

Alex Hearding

ICS Consulting Service

Phone Number

(303) 630-9806


Professional Summary

A cannabis enthusiast and advocate. Alex has an educational and professional background in science, engineering, and occupational safety.

When ‘Colorado’s Green Rush’ happened, in 2009, Alex became a licensed caregiver growing the plant for patients and worked with medical dispensaries. In 2014 a partner and he received one of the first recreational cultivation licenses, in Colorado. Alex has been involved starting multiple cannabis operations, everything from license application writing, designing and building facilities, operations management, compliance auditing, inventory management, and consulting.

In the cannabis workplace he witnessed hazards being improperly controlled, because of a lack of standards, and Alex started to help the industry with occupational safety, which lead him to product safety and risk management. Since 2017 Alex has dedicated his career to improving organizational health and managing risk of cannabis businesses with a mission of lowering the human and financial cost of operations. Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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