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Alex Burnett

Alex Burnett

Alex Burnett

Canna Innovations, Founder

Professional Summary

Alex Burnett has been in manufacturing for 34+ years with companies such as Texas Instruments, MEMC Electronics and FLIR Systems. During this time, he held various positions from process engineering, quality management, product management, manufacturing management and a world-wide corporate role as Director of Continuous improvement. Alex has been a lean production advocate for 25+ years. Since leaving the corporate world he has been working with clients in the Cannabis industry to improve their operational efficiency through lean thinking. His consulting services also include quality improvement, process control, and data analytics.

Stepping out of Alex’s comfort zone into the unknown world of Cannabis cultivation has been a rewarding experience for both him and his clients.  It has led to some remarkable improvements in harvest time by using lean thinking.

Canna Innovation’s recent invention will be publicly released for the first time at the OK Canna Tech expo.  It is an industry first for improving the harvest process for indoor grows and green houses.

Alex founded Canna Innovations in 2021 and sees I bright future for cultivators and processers as they start their lean journey, which identifies and eliminates waste so every step of your process adds value for the customer and ultimately you. Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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