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Emerging Frontiers – The MedTech Industry

The world moves faster than ever, and as a business, it can be hard to keep up, let alone be seen.Gavin Siver, President of Emerging Industry Professionals What is Medical Technology? “Medical Technology can be defined as the technologies that diagnose, treat and/or improve a person’s health and wellbeing, encompassing...

Implementing Modern Marketing Strategies

“Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them.” – Hubspot Essentially, Inbound marketing is the method of growing your business through the development of meaningful relationships with your current and potential clients. “Outbound marketing refers to any kind of marketing...

Critical Cleaning of Botanical Residues

Abstract The cannabis industry presents many very specialized and potentially tricky cleaning challenges, from the laboratory through sophisticated large-scale commercial manufacturing processes. The sticky resins encountered every step along the process are legend. This paper focuses on critically cleaning a wide range of hard surfaces from delicate laboratory glassware, processing... Hear about our latest expos before anyone else!
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