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The Consumption Conundrum: The Next Step in Cannabis Legalization

The Consumption Conundrum. The Next Step in Cannabis Legalization.

1:00 – 2:45 pm – Oct 12, 2022

Now that Cannabis is legal to purchase and consume in New Jersey, take part in the conversation about where it can be legally consumed.

Join hundreds of Cannabis professionals as they engage political and hospitality leaders along with legal scholars at the October CannaTech Expo to dig into the next step of Cannabis Legalization; Consumption.

How and where can patrons be allowed to consume Cannabis while protecting the rights of those that do not want to be exposed?
Panelists will take a look at how other states and countries have dealt with this issue, as well as analyzing the licensing regulations and rights of both consumers and non consumers.


Louis N. Magazzu, Esq

Managing Member
Magazzu Law Offices

Rob Mejia

Cannabis Studies, Teaching Specialist
Stockton University

Jeff Booker

Founder & COO

Kash Mckinley

Director of Constituent Services
Atlantic City Cannabis Review Board

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